The environment problems and solutions Logos Academy

hello PA bar with its problems and so first we need to know what the environment is let’s look at a bit why we pictures are environments because an environment is formed by all the living things and you get a 13-6 of here already such as humidity did you know that the environment has some problems other living things and habited yes let’s mention some pollution connotation death notification extinction and do you know what is brought under the pollution is accumulation of harmful substances on the ground and air the less certification is caused by the disappearance of course cut down trees pollution and fires the transformation of some landscapes into desert areas where the soil becomes dry and fourth is called death certification how it is lots of cures when natural areas are destroyed to make room for housing for industry excesses developed hunt fires and other actions caused extinction event many where events of products are caused by human actions this is why we are responsible for finding solutions to these problems some of the solutions are reduce pollution reduce the amount of garbage we produce avoid cutting down trees we can plant trees in agricultural areas or substitute the wood for other materials out of my hunting event if animals are in danger of extinction protect a specific national areas they are important because of the natural resources let’s see if you remember what is the environment very good all the living things and the characteristics of year everday temperature soil enemies what happens do you identify by looking at the following pictures pollution se genetics desert indication what is the difference between depreciation and their certification the first station is kinda of the trees and disappearance of course and the certification is a transformation of some landscapes into desert areas which are some possible solutions for the environmental problems protect natural heirs reduce your mental garbage and avoid car damaged trees it’s been a pleasure to be with you in this science class see you in another opportunity

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