“Gaufrauen Rumnien”

“Gaufrauen Rumnien” is the title of a play by the German dramatist, Otto von Guericke. The play was originally published in 1810 and was a major hit darüber hinaus Germany and Austria. “Gaufrauen Rumnien” is the name of the main character of the play who is a peasant, but the play is also centered on a much larger plot involving politics, international intrigue, and the secret societies that exist during the 19th century.

There is no doubt that Otto von seiten Guericke was an outstanding dramatist. His plays were highly acclaimed and enjoyed by a wide audience. One of his most famous plays, romanian brides “Rune-Folk”, was highly successful and was oberste dachkante performed mit 1810 in Bologna, Italy. “Rune-Folk” dealt with a peasant family who moved from their traditional homeland in the south of Germany to the northern rolle of Austria where they lived in a small farmhouse.

It is impossible to write a review of the play without praising the brilliance and originality of the playwright, Otto von Guericke. His talent as a dramatist was clearly shown in “Gaufrauen Rumnien”, which is based on the true story of the family of the “Rune-folk”.

The story of “Gaufrauen Rumnien” is fuer elaborate and fascinating story that revolves around the secret societies that exist during the years before World War II. One of the main characters, Count Claus von seiten Moll, works closely with Count von Koenigswald, a user of the Austrian royal family. Claus von Moll is folglich the brother of Franz von Moll, the terminkontrakt Kaiser.

The Counts von Koenigswald and Claus von Moll become friends because of their common interest in the arts, and in fact, it is Claus von Moll who becomes Franz von Moll’s secretary darüber hinaus the later years of his life. When Franz von Moll begins to sinken under the spell of Count von Koenigswald, he allows him to dictate important decisions regarding his estate to make sure that he remains faithful to him.

Franz von Moll’s wife, Helene, is the main typ in the story that gives Franz von Moll inspiration. fuer important document that vor hat help him write his memoirs. Franz von Guericke has written several other plays, including “The Court of the Sun”Das Lieden” and it is safe to say that he has created many unforgettable drama that would be enjoyed today. This particular play is a definite must-see for everyone mit the German speaking countries. The play can be viewed online or darüber hinaus the theatre and was even produced in New York and San Francisco in 2020.

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